About Us

Since you’ve found this site, you’ve probably received a business card, found a link on our LinkedIn contact information or were referred to us by a colleague, a family member, or perhaps a friend who has achieved great results.

Get the Job Consulting is a referral based business, specializing in the areas of career satisfaction and job acquisition performance. We have been assisting people in having work they love for life for over 15 years. In our commitment to support people who are not working, we have a unique business model. You pay 10% of the fee up front. We collect the rest over time, after you are back to work. This applies to job acquisition packages only and not for hourly consulting.

After achieving reliable success in the “get laid off, get a new job” process, and supporting friends and family to do the same, I launched Get the Job Consulting to provide the resources and highly effective approach I’ve developed to streamline and accelerate acquisition of your next career role.

We serve people working in all fields of legitimate, gainful employment. Our process is industry agnostic, allowing anyone to leverage the advantages this dynamic, multi-faceted approach offers.

Meet our team.

Peri Steffenhagen, Founder and CEO

Ms. Steffenhagen is an award-winning professional and author with a long career in empowering individuals and teams to fulfill on what is important to them.

She honed her skills and developed reliable practices for being promoted and acquiring positions over the course of her own career. She now makes these available to professionals who are committed to acquiring their next role: a new job, a promotion, and even transitioning to a new field.

Further, the methodology she’s developed is applicable to every working professional who is seeking to build integrity into their curation of the artifacts and accomplishments of their career. Today, just keeping your current role can be dependent on the professional maintenance of these critical records.

Combining a love for writing spanning four decades, with her extensive, program management background and commitment to empowerment, she will work with you to articulate the elements you want in your next role, upgrade your resume, move it to a highly acclaimed, proprietary format that reliably generates employer interest, and highlights your accomplishments succinctly, clearly, and effectively.

Ms. Steffenhagen has enlisted a team of accomplished professionals to work with you to fulfill on the tactical actions required each week of this multi-faceted process. Coaching is tailored to your needs and is available days, evenings and even weekends to accommodate you. Style and presentation validation, and professional photography are included in our Premier package to assure your structural communications are consistent with the wealth of experience, skill and talent you bring to the role you desire.

Having developed a unique business model allows almost anyone to take advantage of this proven methodology. When contracting for a Flagship or Premier package with Get the Job Consulting, Ms. Steffenhagen arranges for you to avail yourself of the services of her coaches and herself with a 10% retainer for as long as required for you to achieve your goal. The balance of the service fee is due over time, and after you acquire your next position. Details are spelled out in the service contract.

Are you ready to have your career and public persona be a consistent, integrated and aligned reflection of your professional self?

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Jackie Juppé, D.C., Job Acquisition Coach

I am committed to the fullest expression of aliveness and joy in your life through your acquisition of work you love. I am committed that you be empowered every step of the way. It is my privilege to be your partner in achieving the best possible result for you . ~ Dr. Jackie

April Shoemaker, Job Acquisition Coach

am committed to you being empowered during the process of finding a job, knowing you have a partner in the process. I have a Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling, and am a Vocational Coach, Life Coach, and a Parenting Coach.

I have written 2 parenting books available on my website Empowering Parenting – Building Lasting Parent Child Relationships: Tools, tips and principles to help you raise a confident, empowered, self-reliant child while building a lasting parent child relationship with them. Just so that you know, your inner child is safe with me.

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Dennis Castro, Job Acquisition Coach

I am committed to having my clients experience themselves as unstoppable in their pursuit of the jobs and careers of their dreams. The process begins with having my clients see and realize their best and highest qualities, which inspires them to have the confidence to communicate those qualities with certainty and clarity. When my clients are clear and confident, they can take all the necessary actions powerfully and produce the desired results for themselves.

Before joining GTJC, I have guided hundreds of clients, as a coach and seminar leader, in the pursuit of and the fulfillment of what is truly important to them, in diverse areas of life including business, health and fitness, relationships, and creative expression. Having people win and succeed in life is my greatest contribution and joy, a source of unending inspiration.
My experience as a freelance Project Manager in the entertainment and technology arenas (having most recently worked at Apple) provides me with the insight into how these industries operate and how to most effectively navigate your employment search process. I look forward to being your partner and your biggest champion.

Color Specialist and Style Consultant - Mary Lou Manlove

Color Specialist and Style Consultant, Mary Lou Manlove, will help you take the guessing out of dressing! She offers personal and professional color analysis, color and style classes, wardrobe building and closet editing services, to help you look more credible, feel more comfortable and be more confident in everything you do!

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